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Simple, Strong Building Solutions

                                     The 4ltx Bracket


          Introducing the first bracket with engineered wood in mind.

                           4ltx: is for DIYs and Professionals 
Use it at home Use it at work

It’s as Simple as 1… 2… 3

1. Obtain brackets and drawings.
2. Prepare wood parts.
3. Assemble and install.
                                                 Congratulations on your first 4ltx shelf!   

The 4ltx Bracket is a Strong, Simple Solution for Easy Building

What makes the 4ltx bracket different?

  • The 4ltx bracket is universal for L or T connections. Two brackets will make an X (a cross-connection).
  • The 4ltx bracket provides a stronger connection because forces are distributed between the bracket and the wood.  Traditional bracket strength depends on the connection between the screw and the wood.  
  • The 4ltx bracket contacts the panel from three sides (see images below).  A traditional bracket connects to just one side.
4ltx is Equally Useful to DIYs or Professionals

It Can Be Visible or Invisible…You Decide
  Exposed (novice) Notched-in (skilled)   Camouflaged (expert)

Examples of the 4ltx Solution


Markets for 4ltx 

  • Home (DIYs)
  • Home furniture
  • Prefabricated housing
  • Marine building
  • Outdoor/public space
  • Industrial applications
4ltx Features
  • Made in USA
  • Customizable
  • Re-usable
  • Sustainable